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Alex Badilla

Paragliding Instructor


+506 8345-5135


Paraglider Flight Instruction

Tandem Paraglide Costa Rica also offers instruction for those that wish to learn how to paraglide. Alex Badilla is a native Costa Rican who is also one of the few in the country that have earned their USHPA Instructor Rating.


Numerous years ago Alex met a man named Fred Grotenhuis, aka Grampa Ninja, who is a legend in Costa Rica. Alex and Fred quickly struck up a friendship. Fred was a mentor of paragliding as well as life to Alex and his family. Many in paragliding circles know and remember Fred.

Alex followed in Fred's footsteps on being an enterpreneur. Years ago Fred built a place called Grampa Ninja's Bed and Breakfast on the Pacific coast near Nemaclys launch. Fred often found himself staying with Alex and his family in Rivas, and encouraged Alex to build cabinas at his house. The cabinas are a great place to stay if you want to experience Costa Rican hospitality, culinary flavors and pura vida.


Call for a quote on your paragliding tour with Alex and his team.

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