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About Paragliding in Costa Rica

If you like paragliding you'll love Costa Rica. It's beautiful, it's adventurous, it's warm, it's people are friendly, it's pura vida. Costa Rica provides flying for any experience level paraglider. Most sites are P-2 friendly depending on conditions, with plenty of fun and challenges for experienced pilots. If you are not a paraglider pilot consider giving a tandem ride a try. 


Historically we fly almost every day. Costa Rica is very micro climatic, and we usually know which sities are working on any given day. When the weather is not good at one site we travel to another site. Sites include Dominical, Rivas & Jaco.


Alex Badilla is the main pilot and instructor. He lives in Rivas, Costa Rica, where he also runs Alex' Launch, one of the most beautiful but technically challenging sites in Costa Rica.


Services include

  • Guide Services

  • Tandems

  • Instruction - Alex has his USHPA Instructor Rating

  • Bed and breakfast in Riva - see below for details


Rivas is a breathtaking mountain region in Costa Rica, not far from the highest point in Costa Rica and Chiripo National Park, hot springs and waterfalls. The family can recommend great nearby restaurants Spend a few days with Alex and Tandem Paragliding Costa Rica, and explore the mountain regions waterfalls, hiking and more. Accommodations are available. Cabinas with either queen size bed or bunk beds, shared bath and wifi are $30 for single person or $50 for 2 people. A Cabina with private bath is available for $60 per night. Both options include breakfast, use of the pool and common area.


Alex is assisted by his wife Wendy, driver and hostess, and sons Justin and Joshua, who are both talented pilots themselves. Joshua, the youngest son, took his first solo flight at age 9, with a 19 meter acro wing and today helps with tandem flights.

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