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More About Launch Sites & Paragliding in Costa Rica

Today paragliding in Costa Rica is a vibrant and ever growing sport. Read about the early days of paragliding and some of the more popular launch sites.

Launch Sites in Costa Rica

Dominical is a beautiful launch site located above Dominicalito and Dominical beaches. Flying to the town and landing at Taquila Flats restaurant for a cold drink has become a routine. With plenty of beach to land on P2's can feel comfortable flying here.


Numerous years ago our pilot Alex met a man named Fred Grotenhuis, aka Grampa Ninja. Fred was instumental in establishing paragliding as it today in Costa RIca. In fact, Fred was also instrumental in pioneering numerous sites still flown today, including Dominical. Fred would drive with other paragliders seeking out new sites. Driving on the top of the Escalaras Ridge, Fred along with paraglider Nick Crane, ventured up to the top and found what is today the Dominical Escalaras flying site.


After Grampa Ninja and Alex flew their good friend Joey Lobo's launch, Alex was encouraged to develop his own site on the other side of the valley, today known as Alex' Launch in Rivas. This site is not for the beginner. It is an advanced launch site, where as of early 2017, all the in-country distance records have been set. (As of 2/17, 220 plus kilometers, held by another good friend, Zion.


Other popular sites include Nemaclys in Caldera, the site in Jaco and Turrialba. It was in Turrialba that Fred first began his paragliding adventures in Costa Rica with a group called the Ninjas. Click here to read more about how Fred affectionaltely became known as Grampa Ninja.


Danny Manny which was also pioneered by Fred. This site was one of Fred's favorites, but is no longer active. Jaco is another popular site, still active today, with more reliable thermal flying when Dominical is not working. 

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